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Policy 3-3-6: Grade Change

WNC Policy 3-3-6
Procedure: Grade Change
Policy No.: 3-3-6
Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Contact: Academic Director

After final grades have been submitted to Admissions and Records, a grade may be changed only to correct a clerical or other instructor error (except to change an incomplete grade).

  • Section 1: Grade Change Form
    • A. Changes may be made by filing a grade change form, approved by the Academic Director. Changes to an incomplete grade do not require approval.
    • B. Grade change forms may not be used to change a passing grade to a "W."
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted September 1, 1992 Dates Revised June 19, 2013; April 8, 2010; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004
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Date Printed: September 15, 2019