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Policy 4-5-1-1: Recruitment and Interview Expense

WNC Policy 4-5-1-1
Procedure: Recruitment and Interview Expense
Policy No.: 4-5-1-1
Department: Human Resources
Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

This policy outlines the candidate reimbursement process for professional search vacancies.

  • Section 1: Recruitment for State Funded Positions
    • A. Recruitment for WNC professional full-time (.50 FTE or above) positions shall follow Hiring Academic and Administrative Faculty in the WNC Policy and Procedures Manual. Three-deep reference checks must be completed before inviting a candidate to campus for an interview. Once this process is complete and candidates are selected, expenses will be paid as follows:
      • 1. The WNC Interview and Recruiting Account will pay for the following:
        • a. Printing, postage, and distribution of announcement information including but not limited to the position announcements, labels and postcards for mailings
        • b. Mailing applicant packets and follow-up correspondence including postage, envelopes and stationary
        • c. Position announcements in the Reno Gazette Journal, Nevada Appeal and other media depending on the geographic location of the position and other institutional needs as identified by the Human Resources office.
    • B. The hiring department will be responsible for paying the following:
      • 1. At the direction of the hiring department, additional advertising may be done. This includes advertisement in other media not addressed above.
  • Section 2: Interviewing Expenses for State Funded Positions
    • A. The screening committee will follow the guidelines in Hiring Academic and Administrative Faculty in the WNC Policy and Procedures Manual for interviewing candidates for professional positions.
      • 1. The hiring department will be responsible for completing all travel claims submitted with all required receipts.
      • 2. The travel expenses will be paid to the interviewees from the Interview and Recruiting Account with the following guidelines:
        • a. The applicant may be reimbursed for traveling expenses in accordance with State Travel Regulations and WNC policy; limited to three applicants per search but additional applicants may be added at the discretion of the President.
        • b. Travel expenses will not be paid to interviewees living within a 75-mile radius of the interviewing campus.
        • c. No reimbursement may be made to an applicant who has been offered the position and declined.
    • B. Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement

      Description Reimbursement Policy Additional Requirements
      Airfare Actual cost (coach/business class only) Receipts required
      Hotel Actual cost per below per day (2 days maximum) Receipts required
      Auto Rental Actual cost up to $ 40.00 per day (2 days maximum) Receipts required
      Parking Actual cost up to $ 20.00 per day (2 days maximum) Receipts required
      Food Actual cost up to GSA limits - see Note below (2 day maximum) No receipts required
      • Federal rates published by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), determines reimbursement rates for hotel and per diem rates (see www.gsa.gov).
  • Section 3: Expenses for Grant Funded Positions
    • A. Professional grant funded positions (.50 FTE or above) shall be recruited following Hiring Academic and Administrative Faculty in the WNC Policy and Procedures Manual and following the above guidelines.
      • 1. The vice president of the recruiting department is responsible for all expenses in the recruitment of these positions.
      • 2. If there are no funds allocated in the grant for the position(s), another funding source must be identified prior to the search initiation.
      • 3. The Interviewing and Recruitment Account will not pay for recruiting expenses for grant positions.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted May 1, 1989 Dates Revised September 10, 2013; September 2, 2008; December 1, 2007; May 11, 2004; April 1, 1996
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Date Printed: September 15, 2019