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Policy 4-5-1-4: Emergency Appointment of Professional Staff

WNC Policy 4-5-1-4
Procedure: Emergency Appointment of Professional Staff
Policy No.: 4-5-1-4
Department: Human Resources
Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

It shall be the policy of WNC to approve emergency appointments for professional staff on a limited basis. These appointments will be for one semester minimum and will not exceed one year. For the purpose of this policy, emergency appointments and temporary appointments are the same.

  • Section 1: Definitions
    • A. If at all possible, vacant positions should be filled in accordance with policies set forth in the WNC Policy and Procedures Manual.
      • 1. When the normal policy cannot be followed due to such things as: sabbatical leave, leave without pay, last minute resignation, change in assignment, fluctuating enrollment, death or illness, or funding not available until shortly before or after the semester begins, the need to fill vacancies promptly with quality personnel obviously takes precedence over strict conformance to normal recruitment procedures.
      • 2. In these cases, an emergency appointment may be requested.
  • Section 2: Steps
    • A. To the greatest extent possible, provisions should be made for filling positions on an emergency basis, in a timely manner, but at the same time extend an equal chance for all interested to apply. When this situation arises, the following should be observed:
      • 1. The Vice President shall notify, by memorandum, the college president requesting approval for an emergency appointment.
      • 2. This memo shall include the rationale that makes the emergency appointment necessary, title and brief description of the duties of the position, type of appointment (A or B Contract), length of appointment, and financial support.
    • B. If the President approves this request in writing, the memo will then be forwarded to the Human Resources office before making the final appointment. In addition, the following will be provided to HR: salary amount, FTE, account number, position number.
    • C. Where an employee on a letter of appointment goes over one-half time or greater during the semester for more than three consecutive months, the employee may be placed on a Letter of Appointment with Benefits (LOB) or contract depending on the situation.
    • D. The employment contract will contain a clause that pertains to the conditions and limitations of the emergency appointment.
  • Section 3: Continuation
    • A. It is understood that an emergency appointment can be extended at the College President's written approval.
    • B. If this position continues, a national search will be required by the president.
    • C. In the event that the president chooses to waive a national search, the president shall so inform the chancellor and college council.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; November 1, 2003; October 1, 1998
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Date Printed: November 14, 2019