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Policy 4-5-1-7: Emeritus Status

WNC Policy 4-5-1-7
Procedure: Emeritus Status
Policy No.: 4-5-1-7
Department: Human Resources
Contact: Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel

It shall be the policy of WNC to evaluate each request for recommending to the Board of Regents emeritus status for a retiring faculty member based upon an established set of standards outlined herein.

  • Section 1: Definition
    • A. Faculty member, for this policy, means both academic and administrative faculty.
  • Section 2: Request
    • A. Upon notification that a WNC faculty member of at least ten years standing will be retiring from WNC, the awarding of emeritus status will be considered, following established procedures.
    • B. Any notification of retirement by a WNC faculty member eligible for emeritus status received after April 15 will be considered during the next academic year.
    • C. A request for supporting documentation from the faculty member under consideration for emeritus may be made.
  • Section 3: Process
    • A. Upon notification of a retirement from WNC of a faculty member eligible for emeritus status, the human resources office will notify the college president, the chair of the academic faculty senate and the chair of the administrative faculty senate that a retirement notification has been received and a consideration for emeritus status will be automatic.
    • B. There shall be one emeritus committee who will consider emeritus (faculty) submitted prior to April 15 of each academic year. (Emeritus committee discussions will remain confidential.) Appointment shall be as follows:
      • 1. College president: One (1) appointment
      • 2. Academic Faculty Senate: shall recommend four (4) appointments; three (3) of which will consist of the members of the academic faculty senate sabbatical committee.
      • 3. Administrative Faculty Senate: shall recommend two (2) appointments to the college president.
    • C. The college president shall make appointments from those names recommended.
    • D. The college president shall appoint the temporary chair of the Committee, who will call the first meeting. At that meeting, committee members shall elect the chair.
    • E. The committee may request materials from the employee, his/her supervisor, or any WNC office.
    • F. The committee shall use the established standards for determining its recommendation.
    • G. The committee's recommendation shall be forwarded to the college president for review.
  • Section 4: Eligibility
    • A. Typically, the employee must have been employed at WNC for a period of at least 10 years. The committee may take into consideration other experience at a NSHE institution.
    • B. The employee must be officially retiring from WNC.
    • C. The employee must have a distinguished history of service to WNC for consideration.
  • Section 5: Benefits
    • A. A person granted the title Emeritus/Emerita is considered to have lifetime status as a WNC employee.
    • B. Emeritus faculty and professional staff, their spouses and financially dependent children are eligible for grant-in-aid privileges equivalent to those provided pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 11 and 12.
    • C. Emeritus faculty are eligible to participate in certain departmental and college events to include WNC commencement.
    • D. Emeritus faculty are eligible for WNC business cards, listing in the WNC directory, a WNC e-mail account, a WNC identification card, event tickets and fitness center membership at employee rates, library privileges, and other rights and privileges as WNC may from time to time identify.
    • E. Inclusion on mailing lists for performances, lecture series, and other college events.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted Dates Revised December 10, 2013; September 2, 2008; December 20, 2005; May 11, 2004; January 1, 1998
NSHE and NRS Codes
NSHE Code Reference NSHE Board of Regents Handbook

NSHE Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes: 4/01

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