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Policy 4-5-3-6: Academic Faculty Merit Policy

WNC Policy 4-5-3-6
Procedure: Academic Faculty Merit Policy
Policy No.: 4-5-3-6
Department: Academic & Student Affairs
Contact: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Section 1: Equal Distribution first year(s), then combination
    • A. First Year of Merit (2014-2015 Academic Year) and until an Evaluation System is in place:
      • 1. All faculty members will get an equal dollar amount. This amount will be calculated by dividing the total amount in the merit pool by the number of recipients.
    • B. For the purposes of Merit, the ratings of Commendable and Excellent will be derived from the following scenarios on the Annual Plan/Self Evaluation and Classroom Observations:
      • 1. Commendable: Commendable/Commendable, Commendable/Satisfactory, or Excellent/Satisfactory
      • 2. Excellent: Excellent/Excellent or Excellent/Commendable
    • C. Subsequent Years in Which Merit Is Available and an Evaluation System is in place:
      • 1. One third of the merit pool will be awarded in equal dollar amounts to all recipients earning commendable and above.
      • 2. Two thirds of the merit pool will be awarded based on faculty evaluations. Points will be awarded as follows:
        • a. Excellent: 2
        • b. Commendable: 1
        • c. Satisfactory: 0
        • d. NOTE: The maximum points that can be earned by a faculty member is 2.
      • 3. The points from all recipients will be totaled and 2/3 of the total merit pool will be divided by the total points to make a "share". Each recipient will receive the merit increase of the points earned times the shares plus the equal distribution of the 1/3 merit pool.
    • D. The criteria for faculty evaluations for the purposes of merit will be developed by the Faculty Evaluation Committee.
    • E. Example of Merit Pool Distribution:
      • 1. In a pool of $90,000, the pool would be divided into two parts 1/3 equal distribution for those with Commendable and Excellent and 2/3 for the "shares" portion.
      • 2. 1/3 of $90,000 = $30,000 which will be equally distributed to those earning Commendable and above. For 51 faculty earning Commendable or Excellent, that would be $588.24 per person.
      • 3. 2/3 of $90,000 = $60,000.
      • 4. If a faculty member earned Commendable, the faculty member would get 1 = 1 share.
        If a faculty member earns Excellent, the faculty member would get 2 shares.
      • 5. If 2/3 of the faculty get Excellent and 1/3 get Commendable, then, out of 51 faculty:
        • a. 34x2 + 17x1 = 85 shares.
        • b. $60,000/85 = $705.88 per share.
        • c. Faculty earning Commendable will receive a Merit of: $588.24 + $705.88 = $1294.12
        • d. Faculty earning Excellent will receive a Merit of: $588.24 + 2x$705.88 = $2000
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted October 17, 2014 Dates Revised
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Date Printed: September 21, 2019