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Policy 5-2-2: Claims Returned

WNC Policy 5-2-2
Procedure: Claims Returned
Policy No.: 5-2-2
Department: Library
Contact: Director

If a patron notifies the Library that an overdue or billed item was returned, but our records show it is still checked out to the patron and it is not on the shelf, the item becomes a claims returned item.

The library requests that the patron continue to search for the material. Meanwhile a search is initiated within the Library. If the material is found, the patron will be notified. If the material is not found after two separate searches, the material will be considered "lost."

The patron will not be billed for the first item which he/she claims to have returned. After this, the patron is billed for all future claims returned items (including billing fee, processing fee, and replacement cost). Innopac keeps track of the number of items each patron has claimed to have returned.

Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted May 11, 2004 Dates Revised September 2, 2008
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Date Printed: September 21, 2019