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Policy 6-2-2: Accident Involving Motor Pool Vehicle

WNC Policy 6-2-2
Procedure: Accident Involving Motor Pool Vehicle
Policy No.: 6-2-2
Department: Facilities Planning & Management
Contact: Director

Any and all accident or incidents involving a Motor Pool vehicle must be reported.

  • Section 1: Procedures
    • A. An accident report form/packet is located in the glove compartment of all motor pool vehicles. IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT, FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES:
      • 1. Stop at once.
      • 2. Render aid to the injured.
      • 3. Notify police and give exact location, and advise if there are injuries. The WNC motor pool should also be notified. The motor pool contacts are 445-3354 for Carson City and 423-7565 ext. 2250 in Fallon.
      • 4. Obtain name, address, and vehicle license number of other party(s), and obtain name and addresses of all witnesses. Use witness statement cards found in the glove compartment of the vehicle for this information.
      • 5. Complete as much of the police and state accident reports as possible at the scene of the accident. DO NOT SIGN OR MAKE A STATEMENT AS TO RESPONSIBILITY.
        • a. Include any other information you have; however, DO NOT hold your report for any additional items. The additional items can be forwarded at a later date as soon as you receive them.
        • b. Should the other driver wish to pursue a claim, provide them with a Self-Insurance Program Information Card (in accident packet in vehicle) or refer them to Business Center North (682-6105).
      • 6. As soon as possible, notify your supervisor and request that the Motor Pool (if not done previously) be notified. If an accident occurs on a weekend or holiday, notify the office on next working day. The NSHE Vehicle Accident report URM-002 must be completed within 48 hours and forwarded to BCN Risk Management office.
      • 7. Claims involving bodily injury to a non-college employee should be telephoned (784-4394) or faxed (784-4363) to Business Center North as soon as possible.
      • 8. Within 48 hours, submit one copy of the Nevada System of Higher Education Accident Report (form URM-002) to the Motor Pool and one copy to Business Center North and to the TORT Claim Manager in the Nevada State Attorney General's Office. Accident reports must include supervisor's signature. The URM-002 form should be in the glove box, if not contact BCN Risk Management to get one or download the form from the BCN Risk Management website:

    • B. Driving on college/university business carries with it responsibilities. Observe all traffic laws, buckle up, and drive defensively.
    • C. Failure to comply with the above procedures may subject driver to revocation of Motor Pool use privileges.
    • D. Departments/Divisions having the accident will be asked to pay the insurance deductible cost that is normally $300.00. If reports are not submitted promptly causing the claim to be denied, the department or division may be requested pay more of the costs.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted March 1, 1989 Dates Revised November 3, 2009; September 2, 2008; May 11, 2004; June 1, 1993
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Date Printed: September 21, 2019