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Policy 7-2-1-1: Student Team or Group Travel

WNC Policy 7-2-1-1
Procedure: Student Team or Group Travel
Policy No.: 7-2-1-1
Department: Controller's Office
Contact: Controller

All WNC travel is governed by the State Administrative Manual (SAM) and the WNC Travel Manual.

  • Section 1: Definition
    • A. Team travel is defined as any student group, such as a team, class or other organization directly affiliated with and sponsored by the college, traveling to an activity or event directly related to a college recognized function. Team travel includes expenses of college employees required to accompany a student group and appropriately chargeable to team travel expense. For team or group travel claims, one college employee assumes responsibility for the payment and reporting of all expenses associated with the trip. Team travel does not include unchaperoned students.
  • Section 2: Reimbursable Expenses
    • A. Reimbursements for team travel are dependent on the needs and circumstances of each trip. The maximum reimbursements are those approved in the travel section in the WNC Policy Manual. Team travel reimbursements may be less. At least five (5) days prior to each trip, the responsible college employee will submit a travel budget to the athletic director, or appropriate dean for non athletic group travel, for approval. The athletic director, or dean for non-athletic group travel, will review the proposed travel budget to ensure that it does not exceed the standard meal and lodging rates and verify the availability of funds. The travel budget will also be reviewed for adequacy to meet the nutritional needs for the activity and safe lodging of the participants. The amount approved will be advanced to the responsible employee and is the maximum support the college will reimburse. All requests must be accompanied by a roster of all travelers and each traveler's affiliation with WNC (i.e., student, coach, team doctor, etc.).
  • Section 3: Advances
    • A. Advances for team travel may be secured by submission of a Team Travel Advance Request and roster of participants at least five days prior to the time the check is required. An advance will be issued by the WNC Controller's Office with a check payable to the coach or college employee acting in an advisory capacity. The amount of the advance will be the amount approved by the respective dean on the Team Travel Advance Request.
  • Section 4: General Fund Cash Advance Settlement
    • A. Within ten days after the completion of the trip, an expense report on a Claim for Team Travel Expenses form must be filed in the Controller's Office. Food and lodging items on the expense report shall not exceed the amounts preapproved by the athletic director. Other expenses such as transportation will be reimbursed in accordance with the college's general travel policy. Another advance may not be made if a previous travel advance has been outstanding for more than ten days.
    • B. The Claim for Travel Expense must include the original Group Travel Per Diem Sheet signed by each person who traveled with the group/team. This acknowledges their receipt of travel per diem monies or expenditures made on their behalf. A Lodging Room Number List indicating the room assignment for each traveler must also be attached.
    • C. Upon completion of the trip the coach or advisor will submit a completed Claim for Travel Expenses to the Dean who initially approved the trip. If the cash advance amount was in excess of actual needs, the cash advance recipient must return the excess amount by submitting a personal check or money order (NO CASH) payable to the "Board of Regents" with the travel claim. Do not return the excess cash advance directly through the College Business Office. Doing so will not clear the traveler's outstanding cash advance and may delay reimbursement.
  • Section 5: Method of Transportation
    • A. The method of transportation must be the most economical available. Charter planes are not allowed. College employees and students may use State motor pool and college-owned vehicles for travel sponsored by the college, as well as contracted types of commercial transportation.
  • Section 6: Side Trips
    • A. Official business-related side trips by an employee taken during team or group travel should be submitted as a separate travel claim and not included with the team travel claim. However, the employee claim and the team travel claim must cross-reference each other.
  • Section 7: Alcoholic Beverages
    • A. The purchase of alcoholic beverages shall not be included in the travel budget for any trip or part of the reimbursement.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted May 17, 2005 Dates Revised September 2, 2008
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