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Policy 7-3-2: Bank Deposits

WNC Policy 7-3-2
Procedure: Bank Deposits
Policy No.: 7-3-2
Department: Finance & Administrative Services
Contact: Controller

Process for depositing of cash and checks.

  • Section 1: Procedure
    • A. Controller's office will deposition checks daily via the remote deposit process.
    • B. Controller's office will deposit cash every Tuesday and Friday. Additional deposits may be made as needed at the direction of the controller or designee.
    • C. As directed by the Controller's office, all other college offices/function shall make deposits to the bank or the WNC Controller's office every three days unless the total exceeds $500. For amounts of $500 or more, the deposit shall be daily.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted March 29, 2005 Dates Revised May 3, 2011; September 2, 2008
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Date Printed: September 21, 2019