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Policy 7-5-4: Fee Refund

WNC Policy 7-5-4
Procedure: Fee Refund
Policy No.: 7-5-4
Department: Controller's Office
Contact: Controller

The refund policy, established by the Board of Regents, is applicable to all students, in all divisions, in all programs, and all course registration fees, except for zero credit courses. The application fee is not refundable and cannot be transferred to another person or another fee.

  • Section 1: Refund
    • A. The refund policy for a fall, spring and summer semester withdrawal or net credit load reduction is:
      • 1. One hundred percent (100%) if withdrawal is completed within the first five (5) working days of the semester.
      • 2. No refund shall be given after the period outlined above.
      • 3. Courses scheduled to begin at a date different from the regular semester and/or after the beginning of the semester must be dropped prior to the first class session for a 100% refund. Once the class has started, no refund of any amount will be given.
  • Section 2: Circumstances
    • A. Upon written approval of the Dean of Student Services, a full (100%) refund of all registration fees and tuition shall be given upon official withdrawal at any time during the first eight weeks of the semester, for the following circumstances:
      • 1. Induction or activation of a student into the United States Armed Forces.
      • 2. Death of a spouse, child, parent or legal guardian of the student.
      • 3. Death of the student.
      • 4. Verifiable error on the part of the institution; or
      • 5. Verifiable incapacitating illness or injury which prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester.
    • B. In General, no refund is made if withdrawal is after the first half of the semester.
    • C. Nonresident tuition shall be refunded in conformity with the above schedule for load reduction to six credit hours or less and for withdrawal during refund period.
    • D. Questions regarding refunds should be referred to the Office of Admissions and Records.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted March 18, 2004 Dates Revised May 3, 2011; March 15, 2011; September 2, 2008
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