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Policy 8-1-3: Computing Workstation/Network Resources Use

WNC Policy 8-1-3
Procedure: Computing Workstation/Network Resources Use
Policy No.: 8-1-3
Department: Computing Services
Contact: Director of Computing Services
  • Section 2: Computer and Network Use Agreement
    • A. Each employee, student, and member of the public who requests to use computer resources at Western Nevada College must sign, or in the case of an online session, electronically agree, that he understands and will comply with the Computer and Network Use Agreement. The agreement content may be freely copied onto a separate form for customer signature or online posting, (provided as Attachment 1).
    • B. NOTE: The content is extracted from the NSHE Computing Resources Policy, approved 6/18/99, and NevadaNet Appropriate Use Policy (revised 9/22/2005) [provided as Attachments 1 & 2].
  • Section 3: Workstation Use
    • A. Computer Labs
      Computing labs at Western Nevada College are used to support academic, community, and non-academic training programs.
      • 1. Types of Computer Labs
        • a. Imaged: This type of lab contains specific software used to teach and train software applications and computer use. Each workstation within these labs is imaged and locked down to prevent any changes to the workstation without proper authorization.
        • b. Non-imaged: This type of lab is not imaged or locked down. Each workstation may be freely configured to meet the course objectives presented in this lab type.
      • 2. Use of Computer Labs
        • a. Students may use any lab in accordance with Western Nevada College Policy No. 8-2-1.
        • b. Members of the public or the campus community may reserve labs in accordance with the Western Nevada College Facility Use Policy.
        • c. People not enrolled in a Western Nevada College course must have prior approval to use a campus computer lab workstation.
    • B. Public Access
      Workstations are provided for use by the student population and the community at large. A login name and password is required to access and use any of the public workstations.
      • 1. Types of Public Workstations:
        • a. Registration: This type of workstation is provided for students or prospective students to register for scheduled classes at Western Nevada College. The public may use these workstations for accessing information about the college and courses offered. These workstations are locked down and will not accept any changes made by the user.
        • b. Library: This type of workstation is used by students, prospective students, and the public for academic studies, access to information provided by the college, and Internet access. Common software applications are installed primarily for student use to complete class assignments.
        • c. Student Assistance: This type of workstation is primarily used for assisting students in the office areas of Financial Aid and Admissions & Records.
        • d. Testing: This type of workstation is dedicated for students taking online tests.
      • 2. Use
        • a. Students may use any public workstation and have priority over the public. Specific use of the workstation is governed by NSHE Computing Resources Policy.
        • b. The public is allowed to use specific Library workstations. The use of the workstations may be limited.
    • C. Staff/Faculty
      These workstations are provided for use by Western Nevada College staff/faculty and work-study employees. A login name and password is required to access and use any of the employee workstations.
      • 1. Types of Employee Workstations:
        • a. Desktop
        • b. Laptop
      • 2. Use of Employee Workstations
        • a. Specific use is governed by NSHE Computing Resources Policy.
Date Adopted and Dates Revised
Date Adopted January 13, 2009 Dates Revised

NSHE Computing Resources Policy; NevadaNet Appropriate Use Policy

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