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Program Review & Assessment


Faculty and staff review and assess programs at WNC in order to ensure that these programs are contributing to student growth, development, and overall institutional effectiveness.

While the performance of ongoing assessment and program review is required in order to meet the eligibility requirements of our accrediting authority (the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities), the student-oriented faculty and staff at WNC recognize that the benefits go far beyond maintaining accreditation. The practice and culture of program assessment focuses educators on program goals and affords them a holistic view of those programs–a view educators must have in order to offer the best possible learning experiences to students, including the acquisition of skills, the retention of knowledge, and the development of values necessary to succeed in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Institutional Research and Effectiveness works with the other members of the Program Assessment and Review Committee (PARC) to facilitate annual assessment projects and five-year program reviews conducted by faculty and staff of all college programs, including degree- or certificate-granting academic programs and administrative programs.

2010-2015 WNC Assessment Plan