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Program Review: Administrative

Institutional Research and Effectiveness works with the other members of the Program Assessment and Review Committee (PARC) to oversee and coordinate program reviews conducted by faculty and staff of all administrative programs, as determined by the Administrative Program Review schedule.

Administrative Program Reviews
Administrative Program Due Date Responsible Person Responsible Supervisor
Financial Assistance 2018* J.W. Lazzari Dean Student Services
Student Life and ASWN 2018* Lilly Leon-Vicks Dean Student Services
Admissions and Records

2018* Dianne Hilliard Dean Student Services
Adult Literacy and Language 2018 Angela Holt Dean Student Services
Environmental Health and Safety 2018 Craig Robinson VPFAS
Facilities Management and Planning 2018 Kevin Gaffney VPFAS
Foundation 2018 Niki Gladys President
CTE College Credit/Perkins 2018 Ruby Herman CTE Director
Budget Office 2019 Darla Dodge VPFAS
Business Office 2019 Coral Lopez VPFAS
Computing Services 2019 Ryan Swain VPFAS
Human Resources 2019 Brenda Yenkole VPSP/GC
Institutional Research and Effectiveness 2019 Cathy Fulkerson VPSP/GC
Division of Learning and Innovation 2020 Denise Frohlich VPASA
Child Development Center 2020 Anna Lisa Acosta VPFAS
Information and Marketing 2022 Jamie McNinch VPSP/GC
Counseling 2022 Piper McCarthy Dean Student Services

*Previously 2017



Example Program Review Reports