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NV Promise Community Service

Nevada Promise requires students to complete 20 hours of community service, no later than April 30. A list of community service partners and a service tracking form will be available soon.


20 Hours


April 30

Community Service Basics

  • Hours must be with non-profit or public service organization.
  • Organization can be religious, but the activity hours must not include religious proselytizing(recruiting).
  • Students can’t receive any type of compensation or complete work that will directly benefit a family member.
  • Donation of items or money is not considered community service.
  • Participating in a walk (example Cancer Walk) is not considered community service, however working at the event (i.e. – registration, set-up, event volunteer) can be considered community service.
  • Students are encouraged to think about making a meaningful impact on the community through creative and innovative approaches. In addition to the options provided by each college, students are encouraged to work with their mentor and high school counselor to identify other service opportunities.

Community Service Form

Nevada Promise Community Service Form