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Public Safety Services Include:

  • On-campus Escort Service
    Security escort services is provided between buildings and parking lots. An Officer will meet you and accompany you to your vehicle. Call the Public Safety Department at 3308 or 775-230-1952 from any campus telephone.
  • Disabled motor vehicle service
    Assistance will be provided to owners need assistance with a dead battery.
  • Emergency Response
    Public Safety staff are trained to respond in emergency situations.
  • Facilities Inspections
    Public Safety Supervisors and Public Safety Officers conduct facilities inspections to ensure a safe campus.

Lost and Found Property

Lost and found property is kept at the Public Safety Department Office, which is located in the Bristlecone building. If you lose property at the College, please check with the Public Safety Department to inquire whether the item has been found. The telephone number is 775-445-3308 (or ext. 3308 from a campus phone).

Articles turned in to Lost and Found will be held for thirty days. Items not claimed within this period of time will be disposed of in accordance with established procedure.

Crime Awareness and Prevention

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, WNC conducts a general student orientation program. This program includes information and instruction regarding PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT(PSD) and security policies, procedures, and practices.

Timely reports of all criminal activity reported to Public Safety Department are made available through campus bulletins and via email. Copies of the Public Safety Department incidents are on the Web and in the Public Safety Department Office.

All students, employees, and visitors are encouraged to be active participants in the College’s efforts to keep the campus a safe place. You can become involved by taking common sense precautions with your personal safety and the security of your property. Public Safety Department recommends that all members of the College community maintain a constant awareness of their surroundings and control of personal property. You also should report any observation of suspected crimes, unusual or suspicious activities, and emergencies to Public Safety Department.