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Student Veterans of WNC

Mission Statement

We, the student veterans of Western Nevada College and supporters, have come together in order to advance the quality of life and education for student veterans. We have organized in order to aid our brothers and sisters who have shared our uniforms and sacrifices in service to our great country.

We have never forgotten one of the primary pillars that our service has taught us, leave no man behind, which is exemplified in our motto “Veterans Helping Veterans”. We have organized because we understand that a singular voice can be lost in the fray, but with our voices united we have the power to elicit change. We have gathered to foster the spirit of comradeship and cooperation among our fellow veterans and community. We will not forget that even though we have taken off our uniforms for the last time, we still serve our great country and community everyday through our steadfast dedication for our fellow veterans.

Veterans Resource Center

The Resource Center provides many services to the veterans at WNC, including:

  • Access to VA Benefits information
  • Veteran study room with internet access
  • Staffed by Student Veteran Work-Studies
  • Counseling Services Available
  • Peer-to-Peer tutoring and mentorship
  • A place for Veterans where they can just hang out

Veterans Resource Center

Veterans Links