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WNC Collaborates with UNR on Social Work Degree

Posted: May 28, 2019

For individuals considering a career where they will support the welfare of community members, Western Nevada College has formed a collaboration with the University of Nevada, Reno that will enable them to complete an additional 21 credits of a Bachelor of Social Work degree at WNC.

Under the new social work program transfer agreement with UNR’s School of Social Work, students can take up to 81 credits at WNC that will be recognized by UNR. These additional credits are available to students at WNC following the completion of their associate degree.

“The benefit of the collaboration is that students interested in social work can receive the benefits of more than two years of the bachelor’s program in small class sizes for great value,” said Kim DesRoches, WNC’s Interim Director of Liberal Arts.

Social workers address problems related to poverty, discrimination, domestic violence, addiction and disabilities. There are a variety of fields that social workers can enter, such as health services, homeless services, adoption or foster care, psychiatric care, elder care, advocacy, crisis intervention, education and more.

Registration for the Fall semester is under way. New students can get started by applying for admission at

For more information, contact DesRoches at 775-445-4401 or and Counseling Services at 775-445-3267.