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WNC Celebrates Opening of True Grit Exhibit

Posted: May 1, 2018


Individuals from around the state have created artwork out of a canceled deck of playing cards. These creations are displayed at the True Grit Exhibit at WNC.

The True Grit art exhibit will be shown in the Main Gallery at WNC through July 6.

Western Nevada College’s upcoming True Grit art exhibit in the Bristlecone Gallery has the Carson City community engaged and excited.

As part of the exhibit that opened Thursday, May 3, individuals from around the state created artwork from a canceled deck of playing cards from local casinos. True Grit, which is named after Charles Portis’ 1968 novel and twice made into a movie, also includes art by E Clampus Vitus, Deon Reynolds and WNC students. Also on display will be Ruby, the 50-foot rattlesnake from the Nevada Day Parade.

“The Bristlecone Gallery is undeniably one of the premier exhibition spaces in Caron City,” said Mark Salinas, the Municipality of Carson City’s Arts & Culture coordinator. “My intent and hope are to give it more attention.

“I think it is a good match and good location to celebrate our National Endowment for the Arts kickoff weekend. We want to draw new audiences and new experiences, not only for Carson City residents but visitors to the area.”

The canceled deck-of-card creations were judged by Casino Fandango, Carson Nugget, Gold Dust West and Max Casino.

“This card competition alone could be a recurring annual event. The pieces have rolled in, showing such a dynamic cross section of Nevada talent here,” Salinas, noting that one artist delivered hers from Las Vegas. “It’s exciting to see how just one event on this one day in those 30 days has caused such a statewide drive.”


The exhibit will be shown through July 6. Through its NEA Big Read Grant, Carson City will provide 30 days of programing based on the True Grit novel.

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